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Saturday, March 27, 2010

EARTH HOUR! Participate in any way you can!

Today at 8:30 pm starts Earth Hour where many around the world will turn off their lights for exactly an hour.

Here is an article of many major landmarks participating:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


HUNGER WALK - March 14, 2010!!!

Living and Learning Community Interest

I have a list of everyone who expressed interest in being in the Living and Learning Community: Sustainable Spelman Sistahs:

Jasmine West

Kelli Foster

Jessika Williams

Tiara Cunningham

Frances Roberts-Gregory

Sache-Monet Jones

Deandra Smith

Brit’ny Hawkins

Candace Curtis

Centerrahda Rogers

Kinnari Matheson

Zayani Sims

If you are interested in being in the community next year, email me at!!


Here is a list of all of members whose dues have been PAID for this semester:

Jessika Williams
Frances Roberts-Gregory
Centerrahda Rogers
Brit'ny Hawkins
Jasmine Napier
Victoria Garter
Karlyn Wilson
Ryan Leon
Dr. Stokes
Clarissa Upshaw
Deandra Smith
Khadijah Robinson
Shaliena Griffin
Kinnari Matheson
James (seed brother)
Liz Smith
Ridwaana Allen
Tiara Cunningham
Jarayon Jackson
Sydney Hamilton

If you have the money now, please see our Treasurer, Brit'ney Hawkins, to pay your dues!!

*Remember* The more people who pay their dues, the more we can do as a group!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Living and Learning Community Interest

Hello Everyone!

I have a list of those who have expressed interest in being in the Living and Learning Community: Sustainable Spelman Sisters,

Patrice MacGahee
Erika Dommond
Isis Rose
Sache Jones
Simone Combs
Deandra Smith
Brit'ney Hawkins
Frances Roberts-Gregory
Jessika Williams

The theme is Environmentalism and how we can make Spelman College a greener and more sustainable campus.
*Members must be committed to this group and ALL of its activities and programs.*

If you are interested, please email me at We need 16 floor members!!